Never enough monkey bars..

Eating Disorder

Hm. I should have a category for everything. I go back and forth about putting different content in different posts. For example, since I’m blathering on here, this post would go under general because there really is no content. But I don’t have a picture for my blather, so instead I post a picture of my athletic darling, Chunguita. That means the post must go under Family Stuff. I used to have a rule that if it was a “Family Stuff” post, then it couldn’t have any other content, especially not any discussion of the “Eating Disorder”because I sent those links to my mother. I know complete honesty about the eating disorder would be upsetting. But then I decided that she’s a big girl, after all she’s … um … 78 and that I hurt myself when I protect her like this. I desparately need this forum to expunge the shame of the eating disorder. After all, if I tell you/the world my dirty, little secrets, they aren’t secret any more. That goes a long way towards destroying the shame. The fact of the matter is that I’m just not with-it enough to manage several different posts on different topics in the same day.

Did I mention that she likes monkey bars?

So I just went swimming with Yuki. She actually got out of the pool before I did, and I only lasted 30 minutes.

I remembered to weigh myself this morning. The fact that I forget is a sign of progress in getting better. I used to get all hyper and think I’d gainned at least 10 pounds per week if I didn’t weigh myself. You would think that thoughts that are that distorted would be obvious to the person, but they aren’t.


So why is the post titled obsessed? I bought some hanks of yarn at Chainlink and managed to get them all tangled up. I haven’t been able to work on anything else. I can’t even walk by them without trying to untangle them. I am making progress. The big messy wad of tangles is getting smaller.


The bad part of the obsession is that I haven’t finished my new swimsuit, and I need it for the trip to New Hampshire. We leave Friday. I’m taking tomorrow off work to pack and finish that swimsuit … and untangle the yarn.


The cutest cat pictures in the world by Anders Viklund I love all things cute (not to be confused with things that are sickeningly sweet).

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