It was 104F/40C on Friday & Saturday. A big branch fell off the neighbor’s Asian elms. That was really scary. What if the kids had been out there? The arborist came and took away the branch and trimmed the trees back. He said that when it’s really hot, the trees suck up a lot of water making the branches very heavy, so he cut off all the ones that were bending over from the weight. We escaped to Año Nuevo SR to see the elephant seals on Saturday. It was 65F/19C, lovely.


It cooled off yesterday to 102F/39C. Chunguita and I went to the flea market at the Coliseum Drive-In. It was much cooler there, like 80F/27C. Everything is relative.

I’m off on business travel. It’s only in the upper 90s F there. On the way, I have to stop in Phoenix (note to self: make travel plans earlier to get nonstop flight) where it is supposed to be 113F/45C. I expect to have the moisture sucked out of my skin as I walk up the gangway. I hate the heat.

Which one?

It’s hot. It was 100F/38C in our backyard yesterday.


There’s the bodice for the Neue Mode dress. Which picture is better? The one on top shows my face, which at least one reader seems to think is important. The one on the bottom shows the fitting issues better.

Mechanical Eating

Mechanical eating is what my therapists call it. Basically, it’s a 3 meals and 2 or 3 snacks food plan. The medical research supports the 3 snacks option as being more successful, but most of the people in my group have trouble with 3 meals and 2 snacks (3/2). And even I, who is mostly trying really, really hard to do what they tell me, haven’t been able to go to 3/3. I just don’t want a snack after dinner. Of course, my m.o. has always been to eat in the morning and not eat at night which I think is reversed from most bulimics.

In theory, the food plan is a healthy one, but the point of the mechanical part is just to get us eating regularly even if it’s not a healthy diet. Our therapists also have encouraged us to eat more (healthy) fat and protein; almost everyone in my group didn’t eat enough.

In mechanical eating you MUST eat your meals/snacks at prescribed times, about 3 hours apart regardless of whatever else has gone on. It doesn’t matter that you just ate 12 donuts. If it’s time for snack, it’s time for snack.

The idea behind the mechanical eating is that we don’t know when we are hungry and we don’t know when we are full. Supposedly, normal, healthy adults eat every 3 hours. My children also do best on this schedule, and our daycare follows it. Anyway, the mechanical eating is supposed to reset your hunger/saity signals.

Finally, since mechanical eating keeps you from getting hungry, you are much less likely to binge which means you are much less likely to purge.



Left to right, LoriB, Tailypo, Irene, JenS, Quesie, and Verosews. I didn’t realize I had the movie function on, and then it took me forever to figure out how to upload the movie.

Hey, you can hear my voice. I’m rather glad I didn’t say “@#$%ing thing”.