rainbow on clouds

In the locker room today, after swimming, I was talking to another woman about the devastation caused by Katrina. She said it was like the great flood in the bible. I doubt this would have occured to me, since I’m not religious. I don’t believe. But I was raised to be Christian, and I have these pictures of rainbows. It got me started thinking about the rainbow as God’s promise not to send another disaster, like the great flood, our way. Do I have a point? No. It’s a hopeful idea, but I wonder if a rainbow would be bitter or sweet to those whose homes were crushed by the storm.

I have cousins in Mississippi. We haven’t heard from them. Not that that’s unusual. We e-mail only occasionally. My mother’s sister died in 1980. My uncle remarried 2 years after that. It was wonderful for him and my cousins, so I don’t begrudge them their joy even tho that we drifted even further apart. It’s hard to be close to someone who lives a half a continent away. Anyway, all you Pudii, I’m thinking of you.

Buy Yarn

I’ve bought yarn from MyPaperCrane and SnapCrafty. Both artists give very good customer service. I custome ordered some yarn from SnapCrafty, and she was very responsive and pretty quick in filling my order.

For your viewing pleasure:


It doesn’t happen every year, but we get some spectacular sunsets during our visit to Lake Winnipesauke.

3 Days of Kindergarten

Picture: Chunguita on the slide

Terrifying Slide

Chunguita is doing okay with kindergarten. Every day AFTER kindergarten, she tells me that it was fun and she liked it. Today, before kindergarten, she told me that she didn’t like schoolage daycare, and she didn’t like kindergarten. She just transitioned to schoolage daycare from preschool3.


The problem with schoolage is that she doesn’t know the teachers very well, and that intimidates her. I also think that she misses the structure in preschool. Schoolage lets them run wild more or less. She’s also very cautious with older children. Schoolage is grades K thru 5.

The problem with kindergarten is similar. It’s new and different. She tells me taht she doesn’t know the names of any of the kids in her class. When I drop her off, we line up for her class. I can feel her apprehension about being out on the playground with all the other kids that she doesn’t know. She likes the playground when it’s just her and a few other kids.

Hopefully, she will settle down and start enjoying it after she gets used to it.

Neue Mode M23061

neue mode M23061 knit dress
Neue Mode Quick & Easy M23061

I’m not happy with it.

Finished Dress

Mostly, I just don’t think it’s flattering. It grabs my tummy and butt. I don’t mind it being clingy on my butt, but I really don’t want the roll of fat on my midsection emphasised. I am wearing minimizing underwear. I plan on doing a review soon.