Tuesday is Eating Disorder Day

Group was good, as always. Our therapist gave us a list of sample values. It looked like this:

Sample Values List

Read through the followin glist of value related words. Pick up to 15 vlaues and group them together in a manner that makes sense to you. Your values can help guide you in creating a vision for your life.
Example: To be know/lack of pretense/growth What must you have in your life to be fulfilled?
What are the values you absolutely must honor – or part of you dies? Recognize that your values may change in relation to different life chapters.




Productivity Success

Service Contribution Excellence

Free Spirit Accuracy

Focus Romance Recognition

Harmony Accomplishment

Leadership Orderliness Forward the action Honesty


Lack of pretense

Zest Tradition To be known Growth

Aesthetics Participation Performance

Collaboration Community

Personal Power Freedom to choose

Connectedness Acknowledgement Comradeship

Lightness Spirituality Empowerment

Full self-expression







Risk-Taking Peace Elegance Vitality Trust


Add your own … Healthy


Able to show off/exhibitionism

The highlighted text indicates my choices, and I highlighted the only question I answered. I didn’t group my values.

Then we did an exercise on “Magazine Covers” because they are a major trigger to us.

Thoughts when you see a magazine cover.
We all had thoughts like “I’m fat.” “I’ll never look like that.” “I’m a failure because I’m not thin.”
And thoughts like “She’s only 12.” “She’s a cokehead.” “She’s hungry.” “She’s a cokehead.”

Our thoughts prompted Emotions/Urges:
I want to eat.
I want to fast.
I want to binge and purge.

We examined the reality of our thoughts.
Do I really want to look like that?
She’s probably a young teenager.
She lives on caffiene, cigarettes, and cocaine.
We couldn’t be active moms, career women, athletes, partners if we were that thin.

We also examined the life of a model wrt our values.
For me these were about that fact that the model doesn’t use her intellect and doesn’t choose what she’s doing or how she presents herself. She’s controlled by someone else, on the magazine cover if not otherwise in her life. She’s part of the artwork of someone else.
Being a good mom was important to all of us, and we talked about the lives models lead and our therapist told us that they can’t be good moms and be top level models. They aren’t eating enough, so they aren’t strong enough to do the day to day things for their kids. Plus, they have to spend a lot of energy and time on their looks and their bodies, leaving little time or energy for other aspects of their lives.

Being a model does fit in with some of my values, but not the ones that are really important to me. I didn’t weight them in the table above. Independence and the freedom to choose for myself, the freedom to express myself and mycreativity were at the top of the list. And the career path that I have chosen captures most of my values.

Now, I get to apply that, instead of trying to avoid the magazine rack. We shall see.

Bouncing Boobs

Do you watch Gilmore Girls? I really like it. I hope that Chunguita and I will have a relationship like Lorelai and Rory’s.

Anyway, I was watching it this morning (I have Tivo), and Babette (Sally Struthers) comes running up the street. She’d run for a few steps, run holding her breasts for a few steps, run and breathe for a few steps, run holding her breasts, … you get the idea. It was so refreshing to see that on someone else. Thank you, Ms Struthers.

It’s been quite a while since I’ve enjoyed any exercise with impact. All sorts of people told that the discomfort would go away when I stopped nursing. I’m not nursing anymore, my breasts still bounce all over the place during impact exercise, and it’s still very, very uncomfortable. I want to, and sometimes do, hold them like Babette did. My hunch is that Ms. Struthers is well past nursing and that didn’t have anything to do with her behavior. I would guess that she wanted to hold them because they were bouncing all over the place as she ran and that was painful.

A sports bra, you say, would alleviate the problem. Not unless it’s made with structural steel instead of lycra.


PhotoTuesday‘s theme this week is Memorial. The author of the site makes memorial webpagess for his pets, so I thought I’d put up one memorial post to my beloved animals.

I don’t have digital pictures of Titan, Black Kitty, Stevie, Sasha, Garth, or Danielle. But here’s Sara, Henrey, and Frankie:



Frankie 1