Fairy Costume


McCall's M3365 Fairy Costume
McCall’s 3365


I got the patterns out, and Chunguita chose this one. She wishes to be a fairy, again. I had the perfect fabric for the costume in my stash, a poly shantung from Joann’s. The pattern calls for 2 yards for the dress, and I happened to have two yards. However, it turns out that I could I have squeezed the pattern out of 1.5 yards. She wishes to have view A with the sash and neck adornment from view B. We had to go shopping for the netting. That’s not something I stash. Hopefully, this will not be the royal pain in the ass that last year’s monkey costume was.


Bodice of fairy costume.

So far, it’s been a pretty easy costume, bodice and skirt. When I’m wrestling with the overskirt, I’ll find out if it really is easy.

I’m a little concerned about that crease down the center of the bodice. It isn’t relaxing out. Will it press out?

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