Anonym and Hoosegow

From A.Word.A.Day:

anonym (AN-uh-nim) noun

  1. A false or assumed name.
  2. An anonymous person or book.

[From French anonyme, from Latin anonymus, from Greek anonymos, from an- (not) + -onyma (name).]

Today’s word in Visual Thesaurus:

Hm, like Neefer Duir?

I came across the word hoosegow while reading about California politics. So, of course, I looked it up.

hoose·gow (ho͞osgou)
n. Slang
A jail.
[Spanish juzgado, tribunal, courtroom, from past participle of juzgar, to judge, from Latin idicre, from idex, idic-, judge. See judge.]

Now you know.

And for your viewing pleasure:


I still can’t get over the colors in that sunset. I know I took a lot of pictures, but they are all different.

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