Please, be an organ donar.

French doctors claim world-first partial face transplant

They reconstructed the face of a woman scarred by a horrific dog bite. If this is a successful transplant, think of what it could mean to people who are horribly disfigured by fires, accidents, and other awful things. And I know this is painful to consider, but think about what it could mean to another child, if the unspeakable happens to yours. I’m not sure I can think of a gift that I would be more grateful for.

About dog bites: did you know the number 1 cause of dogbites is ear infections? It’s very painful when a dog with an ear infection is so much as brushed against. It’s excruciating when the dog’s ear is grabbed, oh, say by a toddler hugging their loving pet. The dog will snap. It’s an automatic reflex. The dog really can’t help it. Be a good dog-parent, and clean your dog’s ears.

Lecture mode: off.