The Gingerbreadhouse Nightmare Before Christmas

The walls went together easy enough.
Pulguito decorating

It started out well. The kids were interested, and I was enthusiastic.

I use Making Great Gingerbread Houses: Delicious Designs from Cabins to Castles, from Lighthouses to Tree Houses as a starting point. It’s a good book with lots of inspiration. The gingerbread recipe tastes good and works great for making houses. The last couple of times I made a house, I used plans from this book. This time, I figured that I had enough experience to wing it. Now, I have enough experience to know that I don’t have enough experience to know.

Instead of using the plans that I had prepared, I decided to fold an 8.5×11 sheet of paper in half and use that as my template for the roofs. I used the same template to cut the pointy sides and that template folded in half to cut the sides of the house. On the pointy sides, I cut the corners out so that the lower ends of the triangle would be at the same height as the house sides. I smashed some lifesavers and put them in the window and door holes and shoved the dough in the oven.

One wall standing
Nothing standing

It baked up fine except that the yellow candy windows burned a little. Note to self: check directions for baking the candy next time. I put it together, and it fell apart, leaving one wall standing. I put it together again, and it fell apart with no walls standing this time.

At least it’s standing.

I get the @#$%ing half-decorated thing back together sans roof. I decided the problem is that I made the roof too steep. It’s great for keeping the snow (aka icing) from sticking, but without nails, the roof slides off, too. I managed to get the roofs to stay on using tubs filled with tangerines. I hoped that once the icing dried, the roofs would stick.


The final product

No such luck. In the end, I put the roofs inside the house and made up the storebought one from Trader Joe’s. Mine tasted better, and I think it looks better, too, as it damn well should. I think I had a tempertantrum in the kitchen during all this. I’m not sure. I would rather just dissociate from the whole experience.

Willingness To Change

We did this exercise yesterday in group.

Willingness to change

What do I want to change? How motivated am I? How willing am I? What do I think my chances of success are?
1=least, 1o=most

Motivated Willing Success

exercise regulary 3 1 1

no more binging 7 5 5

no more restricting* 10 8 10

3/2** 7 5 9

keep food log 5 1 5

stop weighing myself 10 9 10

*No More Restricting
Why is my willingness to stop an 8 and not a 10? I still want to lose weight.
Why isn’t my willing to stop restricting a 5? Restricting leads to binging, leads to purging behaviors, leads to restricting, leads to binging, and unending spiral into the black depths of the eating disorder.

Why is my willingness a 5 and not a 7? Still want to lose weight, still kinda like feeling hungry and the sense of power that gives me. I want my willingness to be higher, but it isn’t.
Why not a 3? 3/2 keeps me from restricting and keeps me healthy.

The stop weighing one is interesting. I think a year ago my motivation would have been a 3, my willingness a 1, and my success a 1. It’s nice to see some progress and gains from all this work.

The Best Pantyhose

A reporter at Slate did a review of several brands of pantyhose. I don’t agree with her findings. A couple of differences between the 2 of us:

  • I wear the color suntan if I want to have a nude hose on. The brands she recommended aren’t dark enough for me.
  • Spanx isn’t big enough in the upper inner thigh area for me, or it’s too big everywhere else. This doesn’t make for comfortable hose.
  • The Victoria Secret brand is just barely big enough which suggests to me that it isn’t going to fit, but I haven’t tried it.

So do I have a recommendation? I like the Leggs brand best overall, but I think this is a highly individual thing, like which jeans fit you best.