News Notes for Friday

Eating Disorder




Doll Clothes Finished

Size Small Shirt on 10.5″ Bear
Medium Dress on 15″ Baby Doll

I finished up the denim doll clothes from Simplicity 4271. I think they came out pretty well. The “dress” on the bear to the left is a size small shirt. The small size is for baby dolls from 12-14 inches tall; the bear is 10.5, so I would expect it to fit the correct baby doll … well … correctly. The dress on the baby to the right is a size medium which is for 16-18 inch dolls; that doll is 15″. My guess is that would be a VERY short dress on an 18″ doll. The pattern envelope illustration does show a VERY short dress, and you can make matching panties/diaper cover for the babies.

Size Medium Jumpsuit on 15″ Baby Doll

And, lastly, we have the size medium jumpsuit on the 15″ baby doll. I got some water on the jumpsuit; Baby’s diaper didn’t leak. The pants are just a little bit too long which surprised me. I was expecting to have to cuff them. They definitely would be too short for an 18″ doll. The pattern called for trim around the pant legs, too, but I didn’t have enough. I use scraps for the doll clothes and scraps for the trim.

PS Baby is an American Girl Bitty Baby.

PPS I made Baby’s t-shirt, too.

News Notes for Wednesday

Do you remember where you were? I was in high school. It’s strange the most poignant thing that I remember is looking at the pictures in National Geographic and thinking how the photographer gave his life to get those pictures. There were stories of incredible survival; I mean, can you imagine being saved because a giant tree fell on you? I watched the really awful TV movie because it included the footage shot by a geologist as he tried to escape. Perhaps this is why I am a mechanical engineer and not a geologist.

Many years ago in the early days of this column, I wrote some instructions which included tearing fabric from selvedge to selvedge. When the column was printed it had been edited to “tear the fabric from salvage to salvage. This article includes a basic glossary.