Random and Odd

  1. Something with a story behind it.

    Lake Tahoe bag

    I made this little bag on a trip to Lake Tahoe. It’s single crochet, in the back loops only, so that every row has the little rib. I used recycled Thai sari silk yarn that I bought on ebay. I plan on lining it and adding a zipper so that I can carry stuff in my tote bag and not lose it as easily.

  2. A Random and Odd photo.


  3. In keeping with the recurring wedding theme, a photo of something borrowed.


    I didn’t borrow the cuff. I borrowed the loom from my daughter to make this cuff.

    Random and Odd



I finally finished the third Burda 8665. Buttonholes terrify me. I’m always afraid that I’m really going to screw them up. And it’s hard, altho not impossible, to recover from a buttonhole blunder.

The thing is that I use the programmed buttonholes in my Bernina 180E. They almost always come out perfect. In fact, I haven’t had a buttonhole blunder since I started using them.

But I’m still afraid.


or not, as the case may be.

Last night was DH’s night to get up with Chunguita. He said she was
coughing for 20 minutes straight, so he decided to give her some cough
medicine which she promptly threw up.

The big deal about this is that I slept thru it. I didn’t hear her
coughing or throwing up.

More Swimsuits

The latest Jalie 971

I finished another one, and no, I did not remember to add more coverage at the underarm. I am pleased that I managed to avoid flowers on the boob apex.

Fabric waiting to be made into a suit

I have the fabric shown to the right. I’m not sure how I want to lay out the swimsuit, so I asked on PR. I’m still not sure what I’m going to do, but they had some good suggestions.

I'm a failure. Evidence against:

One of the thoughts that people with eating disorders constantly have is “I’m a failure.” Below is a list of characteristics or attributes that may or may not describe you. If even one of them describes you, you have something to combat the failure thought. Surely, everyone can find one attribute to ascribe to themselves.


Honest Light-hearted Leader Expert Brave

Mischevious Thoughtful Keen Bright Courageous

Serious Funny Humorous Rich Humble

Friendly Adventurous Hard-working Bold Daring

Happy Excited Studious Inventive Creative

Thrilling Independent Compassionate Gentle Proud

Neat Joyful Strong Unselfish Self-confident

Respectful Considerate Imaginative Patriotic Fun-loving

Popular Successful Responsible Helpful Cooperative

Intelligent Lovable Ambitious Able Curious

Pleasing Witty Fighter Tireless Energetic

Cheerful Smart Imaginative Loyal Moral

Forgiving Broad-minded Polite Capable Logical

Consistant Faithful Caring Persistant Follow thru with commitments



  1. Self-controlled (thinks first, restrained, self-disciplined)
  2. Honest (sincere, truthful, disclosing)
  3. Loving (affectionate, tender, caring)
  4. Ambitious (hard working, aspiring)
  5. Cheerful (lighthearted, joyful)
  6. Responsible (dependeble, reliable)
  7. Independent (self-reliant, sufficient)
  8. Broad-minded (open-minded, able to see other viewpoints)
  9. Polite (courteous, well mannered)
  10. Forgiving (willing to pardon others)
  11. Intellectual (intelligent, reflective, knowledgeable)
  12. Obedient (dutiful, respectful)
  13. Capable (competent, effective, skillful)
  14. Logical (consistent, rational, aware of reality)
  15. Courageous (standing up for your beliefs, strong)
  16. Imaginative (daring, creative)
  17. Clean (neat, tidy)

Swimsuit & cap

Swimcap from Jalie 971
The difference a year of use makes

Both the swimsuit and the swim cap are from Jalie 971. I think it’s interesting to note the damage a year’s worth of swimming in chlorinated water makes in a swimsuit. The old suit has grown several inches.

I hope to remember that I need more coverage over the breasts at the underarm the next time I make this suit. Hopefully, my writing it here will help me to remember.