Saturday's Tests

Your Attitude is Better than 70% of the Population

You have a good attitude. While a realist, you do see the positive side of most things. People love to be around you.

You Are Modernism

You tend to be oriented toward the future and technology.
You like art that signals how the world might change in radical ways.
As far as art goes, everything in the past is obsolete – and it’s time to carve a new path.
You prefer art that doesn’t follow any rules – even if the art doesn’t make much sense.

You Are A Romantic Realist

You tend to be grounded when it comes to romance.
Sure, you can fall hard… but only for someone you’ve gotten to know.
And once you’re in love, you can be a total romantic goofball…
But you’d never admit it to your friends!

Red Lace


Here is another gown from The Frock.

The v-neck is nice, and it’s in lace, always a good thing. I like the cap sleeves, and the waist is belted, a good thing for those of us with large breasts. I think I like the way the darts are rotated to make gathers/shirring.


Chimera in my front yard.

I noticed the iris in the image to the left one day and wondered what had caused one of my usually mauve irises to become a bicolored mauve and cream iris. I asked the nice people at ba.gardens for information, and Sean O’Hara responded with the following.

Looks like a chimeric sport in the making. A chimera is when only a portion of the growing tip mutates, making for a mixture of different tissue, in this case, some producing cream flowers, some producing mauve. ‘Chimera’ was the name of a mythological beast with a human head, a lions body, and the wings of an eagle – alluding to a mixture of ’tissues’. Many variegated plants are chimeras, which is why they can tend to revert to all green or occasionally all yellow/white. Those cultivars with highly twisted stems (e.g. ‘Corkscrew Willow’) are also chimeras, with one type of tissue growing slower than the other. Yours is more subtle, apparently only detectable when in flower.

It is likely that your plant might be a selected mutation anyway, and is now tending to mutate ‘back’ to the ‘parent’ plant. It would be interesting to watch the plant and try and separate our this portion to watch more closely. It is best to transplant/divide these native beauties in the fall when cooler weather starts to approach (otherwise you can easily lose the plant). Both colors seem like some I’ve seen in the trade, but then you never know what might happen – you could end up with a completely new form to add to the hundreds of other irises in the world! 😉

Sean O.

News Notes for Thursday

Gun Control and Free Psychiatric Services
Emily Keyes was my bestfriend’s neice. Please, support gun control and public psychiatric services.

Not Really News
For Better or For Worse is my favorite comic strip. Elly’s father had a stroke, yesterday, and today’s comic sums up one of my greatest fears.




Eating Disorders
Eating disorders rife on campus

Friday's Tests

v-neck black dress

Neefer, your little black dress is a V-Neck

When you’re out and about, enjoying all that life has to offer, you know how to let your style shine through without being overly flashy. That’s why the perfect little black dress for you should be just as timeless and grounded as you are.

Down-to-earth and genuine, you seem to be one of those rare individuals who understands that it’s what’s on the inside that really counts. By keeping your style simple and pretty, people focus on you, not the clothes. And that’s nothing short of fabulous.

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Neefer, your Emotional IQ is 129.

This number is the result of a formula based on how many questions you answered correctly on Tickle’s Emotional IQ test. But your Emotional IQ score is much more than just a number: it’s an indicator of success.

Research has shown that people with high emotional intelligence scores — not necessarily those with the highest IQ scores — tend to be the most valued and productive employees and have the longest and happiest romantic relationships.

So, where are you most emotionally smart? Your test results show that your strongest suit is empathy — your ability to see things from someone else’s point of view.

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Neefer, Reaching New Heights Exhilarates You

Clever and driven, a smarty like you probably feels most invigorated when you’re reaching new heights and chasing your dreams. So, it’s only natural that your signature scent should be as unforgettable and fabulous as you.

Whether you’re aiming for a promotion at work or a mountain summit, you’ve got a calm, cool, and collected approach to everything you do. Motivated and confident, you’re a hard worker who isn’t afraid to put in the extra time and energy to achieve your goals. With your great attitude and brains, you’re sure to go far. Keep up the good work!

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Thursday's Quizes

Your Guy Could Be a Gold Digger

Your guy definitely loves money, and he seems to be in short supply of it.
Is he gold digging? Just maybe. Luckily, it’s easy for you to find out.
Cut him off from expensive gifts, dinners, and dates. And see if he still sticks around.

Now you tell me!

You Are Incredibly Logical

Move over Spock – you’re the new master of logic
You think rationally, clearly, and quickly.
A seasoned problem solver, your mind is like a computer!

You Are 20% Capitalist, 80% Socialist

You see a lot of injustice in the world, and you’d like to see it fixed.
As far as you’re concerned, all the wrong people have the power.
You’re strongly in favor of the redistribution of wealth – and more protection for the average person.