Sweet Boy


I gave blood, yesterday. They put a cotton ball on the wound from the needle stick and wrap your arm in that self-stick bandage stuff. Chunguita noticed the bandaid on my finger from the screening test, and she asked why it was there. She was curious about the boo-boo on my arm, but Pulguito got very upset when he saw all the bandaging on my arm.

He came over to me and with great concern said, “Please, tell me you are going to be okay.”

Dear boy. It’s hard to be 4 and not understand so much, like why on earth anyone would want to give blood.

Cheongsam Progress

Cheongsam STitched Together

So my latest t-shirt is almost finished. I don’t have the current picture, with the sleeves and bodice hemmed, but you get a good idea from this. I’m not wild about that flower in the almost center front, but at least it’s not a boob bulls-eye. :flirty:

I haven’t done the closure. That is, it’s pinned shut. I think I’m going to put in snaps, the sew in type, but I’m not sure. I’ll let you know when I decide.

Latest T-shirt

A lot of but not all of my elastics
Do you think I have enough elastic?
I’m almost out of clear elastic, so I will be ordering more.
Foldover Elastic test
This is the first time that I’ve successfully used fold-over elastic (FOE). I didn’t
have enough of this white poly knit to make a neckband, and I knew I had the
perfect elastic for finishing the neck. Everytime that I’ve used FOE before, I’ve
ended up with what appears to be a stretched out neck. I say appears to be
because while the neckline is stretched out, the culprit is that the FOE is too long.
This time, I stretched the FOE as I applied it.

I used the coverstitch on my serger (Elna 744) to stitch down the elastic.

White t-shirt with foldover elastic neck binding.
So, with some trepidition, I applied it to the neckline of my t-shirt. Nothing is
more discouraging than having screwed up the perfect garment with the very
last step. While I was applying it, I tried to keep the tension even on the elastic.
Hahahahahahahahahaha. I was quite anxious about the job because I wasn’t
able to maintain uniform stretch. Well, perfect tension is not required!
It looks smashing, what?