The Amazing Diego

He totally looks like Jack in this one.


Abuela wanted formal portraits of Chunguita, Pulguito, and Diego, so we toddled on down to The Picture People. Diego did not cooperate. So I got down on the floor with him at Los Abuelos to see if I could get any pix. I did pretty good, but I cut the top of his head off in most of them. And my camera had that digital delay, so I missed the smiles.

On the way to Chinatown

Diego Eina Jack on BART

While Jack, Eina, and Diego were visiting, we went to Chinatown. Since there were 5 people who had to pay for BART tix, I figured it made sense to drive. However, since I absolutely hate driving in the city, I was easily persuaded by Chunguita and Pulguito to take BART. We started off with a stop at a Vietnamese restaurant. I ordered bun for me and the kids; Jack and Eina had pho. Chunguita ate great.

After that Eina led us on a tour of Chinatown in search of cute things. If you listen to Jack, it was a long torturous day. But we had fun, and we bought lots of fun, cheap stuff.

Most importantly, Diego let me carry him from BART to the car, sparing Eina. Diego didn’t fuss at all. Unfortunately, the next time I carried him, he screamed like he was dying, but hey, that’s the way it goes.

Well, it turns out that there is more to show from Santa Cruz


Miramar Restaurant
Miramar Restaurant
Good Carmel Apples

After the fun filled day at the beach and boardwalk, we toddled on down to the pier. DH loves it there. Because we had Granny with us, we decided to park on the pier. We parked right outside this restaurant. DH, Chunguita, and I have eaten here before. We decided to eat there again, and I had the pasta special. It was so good! It was a while ago, but I still remember how good the mango and avacado was in the white sauce.

I got my candy bag.

Pulguito was especially wiggly while waiting for Granny and DH to finish their dinners, so I took the kids off to Marini’s which is just down the pier from Miramar. Marini’s displays gummy candy in their display case, so the kids spent some time picking out several different gummy things to eat. I can’t abide gummy, but I do like a good caramel apple, and Marini’s has those.

We spent the rest of the evening wandering around on the pier. It was a lovely evening, warm with no wind.

We went back to the boardwalk parking lot to pick up the truck, and I took off. There was a huge backup on 880 (isn’t there always?), so I cut across to 680. We beat the train by seconds. DH and Pulguito got stuck behind the train and had to wait there for 20 minutes.