Rachel's Party

rachel party

Pulguito is very popular with the girls. They like to play with him, and they all invite him to their birthday parties.

rachel party
Pulguito sitting next to Rachel for pizza and cake.

Rachel’s party was at Chuck E. Cheese. If the service hadn’t been so bad, I would highly recommend Chuck’s for kiddie birthday parties. Unfortunately, even tho we were one of the first parties in the morning, even tho we were there on time, even tho they could have gotten everything ready the night before, hardly anything was ready. They didn’t even have the tokens for the kids ready. The pizza was late.

However, the kids didn’t care, and they all had a great time.

Surrounded by his girls
rachel party
Pulguito o Guapito?

Oh, and I forgot, but the prizes were really crappy. Fun Spot is much better in all ways, but Fun Spot is in New Hampshire.

We were at Sydney’s birthday party, and Pulguito was in the kareoke room, surrounded by girls. Rachel’s father glances in and says, “There he is, surrounded by his girls.”

That’s my boy.