Making Paper

This image gives better details.
The actual color of the paper

I decided to try my hand at making paper from 100% cotton fabric. This process is called “rag to paper”. Once I found this out, I was able to search the ‘web for more info.

It’s pretty much the same process as making paper from paper. I tried putting the fabric into the paper shredder. That didn’t work, so I cut it up into little pieces (5 mm x 5 mm or smaller) with my rotary cutter. Those little pieces went into my mom’s old/hand-me-down blender which didn’t have a problem making the bits into a slurry.

I spread the slurry out on the screen and put it in the sun to dry. The “paper” came out half way between dryer link and felt. I consider this to be a success. The stuff stayed together!


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