Zipper Pouches

I am supposed to run a zipper pouch tutorial at my neighborhood ASG meeting … this Wednesday.

As per usual, I waited until the last moment to prepare. Should I do handouts? No. There, that was easy. I will pass out a list of links.

What do you get …

What do you get when you breed a vacuum cleaner and a blender?

A hairdryer!

from Daily Factoids

The modern electric hairdryer was the offspring of two unrelated inventions, the vacuum cleaner and the blender. Its point of origin is Racine, Wisconsin — the first two models called “Race” and “Cyclone” appeared in 1920, made by Racine Universal Motor Company and Hamilton Beach, respectively. The idea of blow-drying hair originated in early vacuum cleaner advertisements which showed a woman drying her hair with a hose connected to the Pneumatic Cleaner. Then the blender came along since Racine, Wisconsin is also the hometown of the first electric milk shake mixer and blender. The blender ran on a fractional horsepower motor — which was married to the hot-air exhaust of the vacuum cleaner. If you remember, those first hair dryers had a hose that could be hand-held and a bonnet that connected to it and fitted over the head and/or curlers. In the late 1960s, the market for dryers rapidly expanded and hair dryers became truly hand-held and more sophisticated.