Ugh! Smoke

It’s foul outside. I suppose one can’t expect clear air when one is surrounded by over 1000 wildfires. This isn’t as hard on my electricity bill, but I’d rather it were really hot than really smokey.

Chunguita’s Class

Racism is alive and well in Livermore among my colleagues. 😦 I do find a certain gratification when I respond with “You mean a spic kid like me?” and they are discomfitted. No one seems to have a good comeback to that one.

Very few of the other parents want to put their kids at Jackson because “Well, if you want your kid to learn Spanish, you could send him there.”

The overall API test scores at Jackson are 14 points (out of 1000) lower than they are Arroyo Seco. In all groups, except for white students, the scores at Jackson are higher than at Arroyo Seco. Considering that Jackson qualifies for Title I federal funds, I think that those test scores say a lot about the job that Jackson is doing. Poor test scores correlate well with poverty, and we aren’t seeing those low scores at Jackson.

Most of the class is here.

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