Clark’s Trading Post

Clark's Black Bears
Clark's Black Bears
Clark's Black Bears
Clark's Black Bears
Clark's Black Bears
Clark's Black Bears
Clarks Trading Post

One day in NH, Chunguita and I were browsing the tourist brochures at the train station. Chunguita pulled out the brochure for Clark’s Trading Post and announced, “I want to go there!” So we loaded up the minivan and headed north to Lincoln.

Clark's Black BearsClarks Trading PostClark's Black Bears
Bear in a barrel.

When I had broached the idea of going to Clark’s, Linda expressed the opinion that “you’ll be disappointed; it’s just a store.” I pointed out that there was a $15 entry fee, so I hoped there was a lot more than just a store. Linda admitted that she hadn’t been there in decades.

We lucked out with the weather. It was sunny and warm, not hot and humid. Ha, ha, if I were rating that temperature from home, I’d say it was a sunny and cool day with a high in the mid80s.

We started the day with the bear show. DH wanted to get good seats, so he climbed up to the balcony and saved seats for us. They use positive reinforcement (strawberry ice cream) to work the bears. Do the trick; get some ice cream. The bears seemed to want to work, and they certainly like the ice cream. I know that I’d do tricks for strawberry ice cream.

Model T
Model T

I think my best parts of CTP were the museums. They’ve collected a lot of americana. Some of it is very kitschy (e.g. a two headed lamb that was very freaky), but some of it is stuff that you would see in any historical museum.

My particular favorite was the sewing and sewing machine display.


Of course, we rode the train.


I love this sign.

I didn’t take very good pix from the train, but it was a scenic, if short, ride.

The Clarks moved a covered bridge from Vermont and restored it over the little river that flows thru their property.
Pemigewasset RiverIMG_6664_edited

We saw the wolfman, his car, and his unobtainium mine.
WolfmanWolfmanWolfman @ Clark'sWolfman's CarUnobtainium Mine

Part of the museum atmosphere is a main street, rather like Main Street in Disneyland. It’s much smaller, but it’s very cute, and they’ve taken the trouble to rescue little treasures like the stained glass windows.

Clark's Main StreetIMG_6674_edited

What post would be complete without a couple of pix of my cute kids?
It's too loud.IMG_6671_edited

Fried Dough


DH has a thing about fried dough. It’s not the same as funnel cakes. Fried dough is not available on the west coast, only funnel cakes.

Last year, the first morning we were in NH, we went searching for fried dough. I found it for DH, but it was not good fried dough. I had no idea it was possible to ruin fried dough, but it is.

This year, the first morning we were in NH, we went in search of fried dough. I found another place. This fried dough was excellent. I can’t find the name of this restaurant, but it was at the corner of Tower and Lake Side at the Weirs.

Each time we went, Pulguito got a large scoop of ice cream and a fried dough, and he ate all of it.

Decades of Style Patterns

Decades of Style Girl Friday Blouse 4005

Janet of Decades of Style released some new patterns!

That triple collar really isn’t for me, but I like the basic lines of the blouse. Cap sleeves are always a winner with me.

I’ll have to try the triple lapels before I decide that they will make my boobs look gynormous. They might not. I don’t have to do them in contrasting color/pattern.

I do like it a lot.

Funky Collar Blouse

Decades of Style Diamond Dress 5002

I love this one. That collar & neckline are great for me, and the diamond insets will turn pretty much anyone into an hourglass.

1950’s dress

Decades of Style Collar Confection Blouse 5003

I think this is another winner, altho that neckline might make my boobs look even bigger. I’ll have to consider that. It might not. It could have a slenderizing effect on my neck. And besides, it’s cool looking. I love the petal style cap sleeves.

1950’s blouse

Another NH Diner

Donna Jean's
Donna Jean's

Our second venture into NH diner dining was very successful. Donna Jean’s was wonderful. We got there around 8:30 am, before the rush. Unfortunately, they did not have a table large enough for 7 of us, so Kathy and Linda ate at a different table (Bitches – they got to eat in peace). We would have had fast service if we hadn’t been wrestling with a truculant 5 year old.

Our food was wonderful. Once they were able to take our order, everything went smoothly and quickly. Pulguito got pancakes which were the best pancakes that I’ve had in a while.

Once Pulguito and I were finished eating, we joined Linda in exploring Channel Cottages next door. This looks like a fun place to stay. They have a little beach. They have a little island with a tiki bar and water pump.

Hm. Proctor’s has a website and good reviews.

Of course, after I publish I find the Channel Cottages website and reviews.


Did I mention that we went to NH?

We flew from Oakland to Manchester on SWA on one (1)!!!!! plane. We landed once, in Phoenix, I think, and didn’t have to change planes. That’s incredible.

After we landed, we rented a car. Avis was actually very responsive and sent someone out to the storage parking lot immediately to get a minivan for us. Then we hopped on I93 and headed north to Laconia. We passed Bobby’s Girl shortly after getting off the interstate. I love checking out new diners. We pulled up at 8:03 pm, just after they closed, but they let us in anyway. The food was uninspiring. The service was slow. Oh, well.

Twist Top Dress Finished … almost

Nylon Knit
Nylon knit from Lori

I still have to trim off the serger tails from the narrow/rolled hem on the sleeves and bottom hem. No pix.

Lori gave me this fabric at a BABES meeting. It’s nylon with 4% lycra. It’s heavy in the aggregate. That is, it doesn’t seem heavy until you are holding a length of. I suppose it pulls the dress down, but since I want an ankle length dress and I’m tall, that seems to work fine on me. If you just pick up a swatch, the knit is almost sheer.

I’m a little concerned that I got a boob bulls-eye with the roses, but I haven’t tried the dress on me or ‘Tina. Oh, who cares, I will love it. How many of these can I make before people start to notice I’m making the same dress over and over?