Sizzors and Bias

I do not like cutting with sizzors. I’m a rotary cutter kinda girl.

I had to borrow a cutting table extender to cut out Vogue 8070. The dress is on the bias, so it takes a lot of room to lay out the front. Georgene lent me her extender, and the thing is big when unfolded. It doubles the width of my cutting table. I barely have enough space in my sewing area for it to fit.

It’s not sturdy. It’s 2 pieces of foam core board taped together with duct tape. It’s easy to handle, very light, but easy to damage, like punch a hole thru it with a pencil. Since it extends off my table, it is not firmly supported. Forget about rotary cutting on it.

However, it was big enough to spread out my 60 inch (150 cm) wide fabric. I’m going to have to piece the front and one of the sides. The 60 inch wide fabric just wasn’t quite wide enough to catch the bottom of the skirt.

Well, I don’t know if I’m going to piece. This is a fitting toile.

Anyway, I had to cut most of it out with sizzors. I’m not good with sizzors, and to make matters worse, the table is so big that I could barely reach the middle. The other side was well beyond my reach. It was such a joy to cut the inset and front shoulders with my rotary cutter after I’d got all the big pieces cut out.

WAH!!1! I can’t find my lining fabric. WAH!!1!

School Started & More Pix from NH

School started this week. Pulguito was very excited, and Chunguita was very anxious. The bi-lingual program ends in 2nd grade (i.e. mainstreaming the kids in 3 years), so Chunguita’s class was mixed up like elementary school classes usually are when changing grades. Fortunately, Piper is in her class, and she finds Victoria on the playground.

Pulguito seems to love kindergarten. His new bestfriend is America. She is Victor’s little sister. Victor & Edward from the bilingual program are in Chunguita’s 3rd grade class. Victor’s little sister, America, and Edward’s little brother, José, are in Pulguito’s class.