Wow! What a weekend.

front yard
All decorated and ready
before the carnage
Before the carnage

Well, the party went off without a hitch. It was a fabulous party if I do say so myself! :accomplished: I took Thursday off work to get the Pass-the-Pumpkins ready and fill pinatas. DH & I both took off Friday to clean and decorate. DH spent a lot of time cooking, too.

We kept it simple. The kids arrived and ran wild. It was hot dogs for dinner; the adults got ribs and tritip. We played pass the pumpkin and whacked away at 2 pinatas. Robert has music playing the whole time, but you can’t hear it because the kids are so loud.

Prizes wrapped in tissue
AKA Pass the Pumpkin
I’ve had these bags for a while, but I
haven’t used them because they are so
flamable. They are so fragile now that
they tear if I touch them, so I decided
this was their last chance. I set them
out with a pebble in the bottom for
stability, and they worked great as
decorations in the house.


The only picture of party guests that I had a chance to take.
Miss Olivia

Fairy & Penguin

Saturday, Chunguita had a birthday party.

Sunday we went to see the mothball fleet.

I’m exhausted. :tired: