Sick but content

I’ve worn myself out. :tired: We went to Santa Cruz on Sunday, and I drove Eina around Berkeley yesterday. The best part of yesterday, tho, is that Vivian did a happy dance when I came in the door. It was like she was greeting her dad! What a gift! I will treasure that memory for the rest of my life. (More after the cut. )

Jack didn’t go.

I spent a lot of time listening to Eina. I told her it was okay to say the same things over and over. I am so worried about how they will be when they go back home. I wish I could be there, so that I could stop by every weekend or better yet, evening, and check in on them.

I told her some of my “horrible” thoughts, like I wish it had been Abuelo who died instead of Diego. I wanted her to know that she’s not the only person who has such thoughts, and that while I’m not proud of them, I’m not ashamed either. Thoughts like that are part of grief.

We talked about how we both feel guilty when we are enjoying something, anything really, and especially if it is something that Diego would have enjoyed.

Eina & Vivian

We also talked about churches because the daycare that Jack & Eina use is at a church. I think there are lots of reasons to go to churches besides going to worship. The community and support you can get it wonderful, and yes, that probably sounds like I am endorsing “using” the church. But I have found that if it isn’t material (like money) that the church people want to give. Heck, they even want to give material things, but they aren’t a bottomless pit full of money. One of the wonderful gifts that my parents’ church gave us was the memorial that she minister gave. She said, “Diego was a complete person.” That helped so much. Anyway, that’s the sort of giving that I’m talking about. I also think that the Karma Kops think it is okay to take when you need to. Eina and Jack are good people; they will give back, perhaps not to the church or perhaps to the church, when they are able. The church is down the street from their house; I hope they take advantage of it.

Vivian & Abuela, ’cause Vivian is so cute, and I like the way Abuela is looking at her.

We had a wonderful day.

We went to

  • Paper Source
    740 Hearst Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94710, (510) 665-7800

    If you are looking for envelopes, this is the place to go. I had a terrible time when I made my wedding invitations. I couldn’t find envelopes that fit them anywhere. Well, now, almost 10 years too late, I know where to go.

    They have lots of other cool stuff, too.

  • Blick Art Materials
    811 University Avenue
    Berkeley, CA 94710
    Phone: (510) 486-2600

    It’s an art supply store. I think maybe I was just tired by the time we got there. I was impressed by the furniture, but, alas, I have insufficient money for artist funiture. The catalog is fantastic. I do recommend Dick Blick. I didn’t ask, but I wonder if they would order what I wanted from the catalog and not charge me shipping (’cause it would come with the rest of the stuff they order)?

  • Elmwood Stationers
    2947 College Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94705 • (510) 841-3073

    This store was a delight. The prices were good. They are an old fashioned stationary store. Eina and I spend a long time browsing their stuff, and considering that it’s a teeny store (compared to Office Depot), that means I give this place a great recommendation.

  • Miki’s Paper
    (510) 845-9530, 1801 4th St, Berkeley, CA 94710

    Very Expensive, but what does one expect when shopping for Japanese paper. The paper was exquisite.

    1717 4th St, Ste A, Berkeley, CA 94710

    Closed on Mondays! Bastards!

  • Castle in the Air
    (510) 204-9801
    1805 4th St, Berkeley, CA

    Very expensive to moderate. They had some nice stuff. If I had money, I’d spend it here. I don’t seem to have a drooling icon. Hm. :weird: How’s that? I have a journal that is with from recycled cotton paper. This store offered some journals that were made with the same stuff, and it was in colors! :biggrin: Unfortunately, the store couldn’t help me locate the paper.

We ate lunch at The Pasta Shop. I had Phat Thai which was wonderful and beets in lemon juice and olive oil which were beets. I like beets, but I was hoping for super-enhanced beets, like the Phat Thai was so good. Still, it was a good lunch.