We used to go here when I was a kid. I didn’t like it much. In those days, it was a dried piece of fried fish with french fries.

DH’s brother sent us a gift certificate for Spengers’, so we went after Muir Beach. It was good, and not fried fish. And they’ver preserved the atmosphere. I recommend it. :nostalgic:

IMG_0285_editedSpengers' BarIMG_0277_edited


IMG_0282_editedIMG_0283_editedWho needs a fork? :shocked:

Autopsy Results

jupiter venus moon 2
Further away than the moon or Venus or Jupiter
and more beautiful

We got the autopsy results on Wednesday. The finding was undetermined. It’s what I expected. Still I’m upset. It’s almost like I was hoping they would say, “Sorry, big mistake. He’s alive, and here he is.” I was so upset.

Or maybe it was like my nose was being rubbed in it. “He’s dead; he’s dead. We don’t know why. And there is nothing you can do.”

I can’t sleep. … I don’t want to sleep? …

I want him back.