dec 1987

Here’s a pic of me from 1986. I took a trip to Yosemite with a bunch of college friends. We stayed at Michelle’s mom’s cabin. That’s Troy holding the wine bottle. I played a lot of volleyball with Troy, and he worked for a while at the lab across the street. I totally forget the other guy. I think he was dating Michelle at the time. Michelle says his name is John.

What I learned today!

Radome is a contraction of radar and dome. It’s in the dictionary, too, but the Wikipedia entry has pictures that have nothing to do with the application in which I’m interested.

PZT stands for lead zirconate titanate. Fortunately, PZT is also called piezoelectric, which is similar enough to PZT that I can remember that they are related. Piezoelectric materials develope a voltage across two faces (sides) when compressed or stressed, including by temperature changes. I like the technical term “squished”. :laugh:

Hair Styles

Chunguita wanted to do her hair, so I braided it up into a bunch of little braids. It lasted for more than a day, and Chunguita was very pleased. She’s growing up. It wasn’t so long ago that she didn’t care if her hair was combed or not before going to school.