:PMS: What a night!

DH went up to the houseboat to tie up the last of the details. We needed to turn in our registration to the harbor master, and DH wants to move slips so that we are over by Tom. I have mixed feelings. At the slip we were in, we had a bathroom right there. At this slip, we have to cross the road and walk down to the parking lot to get to the bathroom. It’s not what I want to do in the middle of the night.

When I picked the kiddos up from daycare, I asked Chunguita how her homework progress had gone. She said all she had to do was read and do two math problems, so I decided to take the kids to dinner. Pulguito played DS, and Chunguita and I worked on her homework until dinner came. They both ate well, so I let them get dessert.

We get home. Chunguita does her reading and takes a bath. It’s time for bed. They’ve agreed to go to sleep in Chunguita’s room so that I can put them both to bed at the same time. Unfortunately, Pulguito has a tummy ache. He tries to go potty; nothing. Then he feels nauseated. I get a big bowl, and good boy that he is, he waits until I get back to barf into the bowl. He even gets up and makes it to the toilet before the major barfing begins. :thumbup:

Of course, by now it’s after 10 pm. Everyone is still wide awake. However, Pulguito says he is fine to go to bed, and he does that in his own room, all by himself. I kiss them both goodnight and collapse into my own bed. :depressed:

I slept thru my alarm and didn’t get up until 7. Everyone was really slow this morning, but both kids were feeling fine and went to school.

I have a sore throat :sick: (Chunguita’s bug?) and still haven’t showered.

After I shower, I’m going out for :coffee: and some grocery shopping so that we have everything we need to go to Monterey tonight. :hyper:

It’s so hot here :hot: I’ll be glad to get away.