At long last, Chunguita’s Halloween costume.

Simplicity 2509mcCall 4947

Chunguita wanted to be a witch for Halloween, so being a good mother, I decided to make her a costume. (Did you hear the sarcasm?)

Actually, that’s not true. When we were out with her Uncle Jack, Aunt Eina, and cousin Vivian, we found a spectacular aubergine witch’s hat. Once she had the hat, she asked for the costume. I don’t have a picture of the hat.

We started with Simplicity 2509. I thought it was cute, but Chunguita thought the skirt was way too short. I got the “ripped” fabric to make her the top and a straight skirt.
She wanted a poufy skirt. This lead to McCall 4947 which is a dress, not a skirt. Good thing that I’m not a beginning sewer. It would be a simple thing to put an elastic waist on the skirt from McCall 4947. The skirt was an incredible pain. The instructions called for 8 layers of tulle. They also wanted the poor beginning sewer to gather down from 2 yards to the waist size of the child. Fortunately, I was using elastic, but it was still a lot of gathering. I’m glad that I have a serger. It makes gathering so easy.

empire waistlinespider

On the right you can see the finished Simplicity 2509. This is a nice pattern. It was easy and went together very quickly. Then I went bananas with the embellisments.



Chunguita was very concerned that whatever went around the neck be soft. No problem. Joann’s had a fluffy black trim. It’s also a very forgiving trim. It will hide almost any mistake, not that *I* make mistakes. In addition to the fluffy black stuff, I couched some fluffy, glittery, purple yarn on the neckline.
I had just enough fluffy black stuff to cover the seam at the empire waist, and, of course, that needed fluffy, glittery, purple yarn, too. Chunguita had picked out some purple and silver beads at Joann’s, and they went very well at the “waistline”.
The insanity didn’t end there. Oh, no. I made her a spider from a black bead and purple wire. I wanted to make more, but I ran out of time. Spider is in the stack of pix on the left, the middle picture.
Since Chunguita thought she would like to wear it without the skirt (which is BIG), she asked me to add a ruffle to the bottom to make it a little longer & less plain. A simple ruffle just won’t do, so we added a strand of diamonds. The diamonds were easily couched on the sewing machine.
The last thing that I did on the top was to add the flower. It was supposed to be a rose, but it came out looking more like a carnation. Chunguita liked it.
The skirt is not much more than concentric tubes of fabric. Since I wasn’t concerned with lining things up nicely, once the gathering was done, it was very simple to put together.

You can see a larger version of most of the images by clicking on them.