The medusa costume came out well, if I do say so myself. Here I am all ready to go to the Halloween party at our marina. Clicking on the image to the left will take you to a larger version at flickr. I’m wearing blue fishnet stockings and 4 inch (which lasted for about 2 hours) heels.


On the right, you can see me and the kiddos. DH had already left. We’d taken our Halloween props up, and he wanted to make sure everything was working right.

I had a really good time at the party, danced my heart out.

The image below shows some of our houseboat buddies, the Weavers and the Middletons.


Medusa Costume

Triangle Up

I sewed the leftover fabric to the big triangle. I decided to turn it inside out so that the silver would frame me. I don’t like this as much, and it’s even hotter because there are two layers on top.

Medusa top

I used some elastic to tie the top (to my bra), and I inserted a couple of snakes. I kinda like this. I think I would cover the elastic or make “ties” that snap together. I like my snaps. The snakes don’t do it for me, but I would cut their tails off and maybe cover that with a flower of some sort.

My first draping project

Yesterday was beautiful. It would have been perfect for the houseboat. The weekend is supposed to be nice, not as warm as today.

I’ve been intrigued by the Simply Sally Top. And I found this site that seemed to have instructions on how to make the Simply Sally Top without the pattern. Alas, I did not compare the two “patterns”. Instead I followed the instructions from the second site.


Well, I sorta followed the directions. The blog author looks like she is the size of my (granted he’s enormous for a 9 year old) 9 year old son, if she’s even that big. I used the back pattern piece from my favorite top. It turns out that I need 9 inches from the centerline to the armhole slit. I put the armholes 6 inches from the top. You can see the results to the left. I did test this out on a “scrap” of fabric. I had a strip of knit fabric left over from one of my twist tops. It was 60 inches wide and less than 18 inches long. It worked very well to get the back fit correct.


Step 2: I grabbed one side of the fabric and wrapped it around me (image to the right). I think I tried to do this with both sides, but there was way too much fabric to manage at waist level.




In the center photo, I’ve wrapped all the fabric around me. It doesn’t drape so nicely as when I was holding it. There was way too much fabric to manage at waist level.


I took off the safety pins that I used to gather up the shoulders and cut off the lower corners from both sides. Now, instead of a big rectangle with 2 slits in it, the top is a big triangle (pointing down) with 2 slits in it.


As you can see (to both the left and right), this drapes nicer over the midriff than the rectangle.


I’m pretty happy with how the top came out. I like the silver color on me. I’m thinking of using it with my wig for my Medusa costume. Unfortunately, the fabric is polyester. I got hot just wrapping and unwrapping and fiddling with the fabric on me.

If you actually read this, instead of just looking at the pictures, you are probably wondering why I said “Alas!” in the opening paragraph. The top came out pretty well. I think it looks good. It needs a bit of finishing and a snap here and there, but it’s almost ready to go.

Well, the Simply Sally top has the triangle pointing up. I probably have enough fabric in the cut off corners that I could cobble together an inverted triangle. I might. I mean the point of this is a costume. I’m not sure I want to go to the trouble. Triangle up or triangle down, I’ll be hot (temperature-wise as well as sexy, right-o).

I have some fabric from on of my favorite BABES (ha! all of them are my favorites) that I might use. It’s black with sparkly gold printed on it. On the plus side, the fabric is cotton. On the minus, it’s black and gold, not my favorites.



Papier mache using sugar skull molds and pattern tissue and instructions. The bigger ones are still drying.

The details came out great, so far. I tried to use an old Sherlock Holmes book, but the paper was too heavy. The tissue paper was okay, but the pattern instruction sheet was the best compromise between paper that was so light it was hard to manage (tissue) and paper that was too heavy to capture details (book pages).


What is the male catarina called? I can’t ask my dad. 😦 Miss you, Daddy!

Burda 8665

IMG_2354, originally uploaded by neefer.

This used to be one of my favorite patterns. I have gained weight since I last made it, but I figured that it would work just as well if I retraced it. Instead of grading up the last version, I retraced a larger size. I’m not happy with it. It doesn’t fit in the shoulders/neck.

The thing is that I knew that would happen. So, oh, well. I’m going to put it aside for now and look at another button front woven shirt pattern. Maybe that new Sandra Betzina one from Vogue.