Journal Kit

A few months ago, I went to Scrapbook Expo at the fair grounds. I’m not into scrapbooking, but I really like all the different art materials that the scrapbooking vendors offer. The Button Farm had samples from kits assembled by them to make journals or scrapbooks and other things. I found the INSPIRATIONAL Journal Kit to be especially compelling. So I bought it. 🙂 The kit comes with full color instructions which, while not always clear, were instrumental in my assembling the journal below. I don’t know if I’ll buy another kit from them. I might. This one calls to me.

Here is my journal from front cover to back cover:
0 cover1 page2 page3 page4 page5 page6 page7 page8 page9 page10 page11 page12 page13 page14 page15 page16 page17 page18 page19 page20 page21 page22 page23 page24 page25 page26 page27 page28 page29 page30 page

What to say about someone else’s dead child?

Background: DH’s cousin’s son just died. She and her family live on the east coast. So I can’t be there which makes me sad. But I’ve been trying to help thru my husband’s siblings. I’ve been going back thru some of the things that I wrote after Diego died, what I did, what resources were helpful, what didn’t work, etc. so and forwarding that information.

I found this article: Having an Everyday Conversation. In it the article, the author notes how she can kill any conversation by bringing up her dead daughter. Just reading that breaks my heart for her and for all the other parents who have lost children. But then the author goes on to describe how invalidated and hurt she often feels in this situation, and now I’m angry and energized enough to write about this.

One of the biggest gifts you can give to grieving parent is to give them space and support to grieve. Grieving parents grieve forever. It may not always be the foremost item on their mind. The pain may not always feel like a punch to the abdomen, but it never goes away. They will always need that space and support.

How do you give them space and support? Listening to them talk about their children.

What do you do when there is that awkward silence? Say, “Tell me about your child.” and listen for a bit.