Deconstructed Screen Printing

A while ago, I took Kerr Grabowski’s Deconstructed Screen Printing (DSP) class. According to Kerr, “DSP essentially utilizes dry, thickened (or not) dye as a slowly disintegrating resist on a screen.” Google has a slew of images that will make your heart faint.

All of the fabric that I used had been soaked in soda ash. Maybe, if I can get my act together, I will print up some info on supplies and the process. Then again, maybe not.

The center image is the test print for the portrait project of Kerr’s class. It’s surrounded by prints from a different screen. The screen was dirty, but I “drew” the swirly flower on it (on top of the dirty whatever that was left over from previous prints). I think I started with blue dye and clear algenate, but I used up my supplies doing this. The final prints were done with dirty algenate.

Whole thing was screen printed

First pass: I used clean algenate and blue dye.

Second pass: Note the outline effect around the swirly flowers. I just love that.
Second Pass Deconstructed Screen Printing

Last Pass: I used “dirty algenate”.
Last Pass (I think)