What’s up next?

Burda 7219

In an effort to use up stash, I pulled a large piece of white cotton piqué embroidered with dragonflies. I have no idea what I bought it for. I’m sure I had some grand plan. I bought it circa 2001 or 2002, before Pulguito was born.

I have 3 yards, so I’m going to try out Burda 7219 and Vogue 1260. Burda 7219 doesn’t have any reviews on PR. Vogue 1260 has a couple of reviews. We shall see.

Guess what!

burda plus sweaterI’m sewing.

I subscribe to the Burda Plus magazine. You can, maybe, check it thru one of the links listed in the Google search “burda plus fall 2012”. It seems you can download the entire magazine for free in Russian.

Anyway, I like the long sweater. Sadly, I don’t have enough sweater knit to make the full length sweater, so mine will come down below the waist. Fortunately, I had enough to cut out 3 sleeves. Like I needed another reminder to not cut when tired! I decided to cut everything out single layer. The sweater knit is bulky, and I couldn’t manage to get the “grain” straight on both layers. I cut everything out fine and was cutting out the second sleeve when I realized what I’d done. Some swearing ensued, but since I had enough fabric, I wasn’t too upset. Hopefully, I will remember this for the next project.

I decided not to alter for a full bust. I don’t think it will matter with this pattern. The pattern does have darts. I like the idea of darts, usually, but these darts are long pointy darts, and sewing long pointy darts in bulky sweater knit isn’t the easiest thing to do.

The next step is to attach braid to the back neck. I decided to make braid.

Kumihimo make with Keith Lo BueA year ago (longer?), I took a class with Keith Lo Bue on kumihimo. I made that little piece of ric rac style braid to the left in the class using yarn that I had brought and blue yarn (very yummy stuff) that Keith supplied. It goes very nicely with the sweater knit, but it is too short. I still have the yarn: 2 skeins and a little ball.

I’m in the process of making a long length of Anda-gumi. I don’t have a picture yet, but it will be similar to the 2 braids below.