Visiting Monterey Bay Aquarium as a family.

IMG_3559Iz, Deb, & Abuela
We decided to go to the aquarium as a group, but Rob, Anthony, & Tony
wanted to ride their bikes. Colleen, Jim, Jack, Eina, Vivian, & Sonoma
decided to walk. Sadly, my knee is not up to either. Mom, Isabel,
Debbie, & I drove in. We got there first. It was chilly. The sun was
shining, but the front of the aquarium was mostly in shade. We went
around to the back to wait for everyone.
Jack & Sonoma checking out jellyfish
Our first stop was the jelly exhibit. The aquarium asks that you not use a flash. So not a great pix, but it does capture the joy that Jack was feeling about sharing the wonders of jellies to Sonoma.

And I like the colors.


Can you see Tony & Sonoma? 

Tony is a fabulous boy. He had been thru the climber
with Sonoma and Vivian several times, but he was
happy to oblige me by crawling thru again and
restraining Sonoma so that I could get a picture.


Vivian is very cautious, but Tony got her to try out this station and stick her hand in the water. 

He’s a fabulous boy. 🙂