Make Book Covers from Mat Scraps

My local art store gives away their mat scraps for free. I’m not sure where I got the idea, but I thought that 2 layers of mat board would make good book board. I’ve used this on several of my journals, and it works great. It is sturdy and holds up to abuse.

In the example below, one layer is a solid piece of mat board, but I haven’t always done this. As long as the seams don’t coincide, the covers are strong. The seams can cross.

"book board" from 2 layers of mat board scraps"book board" from 2 layers of mat board scraps

Moonlit house & garden


This piece started out as stretched canvas pretreated with gesso. All texturing was done using Golden’s molding paste. However, the texturing was done in steps or layers. The first step was to texture & paint the sky. There are several layers of paint, a variety of colors, some repeated, some only used once to color the sky. The second layer of texuring (done while the sky was taped off) was the moon, house, and ground. After painting the moon, house, and ground, I taped everything off, cut spaces for the flowers and leaves, and added a layer of molding paste for the flowers & leaves on top of the previous layer. A little more paint on the flowers and leave, some touchups on the background, a bit of colored pencil for details, and the picture was finished. I sprayed it with workable fixative (because that’s the only fixative that I have).