Charlie, napping on a chair on our front porch

The neighbor cat refuses to stay inside. I had a cat like that once. I remember coming home and trying to get inside before she could dart outside. I slammed her head in the door, but that didn’t slow her down at all. Charlie is like that.

New Dress

Remember this fabric?

Burda 12-2002 144
Dress from BurdaWOF 12-2002

I decided to make a dress from Burda World of Fashion magazine 12-2002 (at right) out of it. I was thinking that a casual fabric would tone down the formality, and I’d have a dress that I could wear to work.

I think it worked okay; the dress is below on ‘tina. My daughter can’t stand it. 🙂

I’m not sure how I feel about it. It looks great on ‘tina, and it looks good on me as long as I don’t move. When I move, it grabs my spare tire, and that is very unflattering. Spanx is an option, but I am opposed to girdles on general principle.

The line drawings of the dress are below. I omitted the facings. Instead I serged the neckline edge, turned the serged edge under, and stitched it down. Oh, and I left off the zipper. Who puts a zipper in a knit dress?

Burda 12-2002 144Burda 12-2002 144

A tish of sewing


Hey, look, I made something!

Long, long ago, I made my first t-shirt from Kwik Sew 2565. It was okay. I had to do a full bust alteration and add 3 inches to each side of the bust. That was a huge dart. Oh, and the sleeves were too small, and the back got hung up on my butt. However, compared to RTW, the shirt fit so much better, probably has to do with my front being 6 inches bigger circumferentially than my back.

Then I started changing the pattern.

I changed the back. New Look 6977 is long OOP. It was a knit wardrobe pattern, and the tops had a 2 piece back with a flare at the bottom for my butt. So, I added that to the t-shirt pattern.

I added a french dart from a Burda Plus Magazine pattern.

I lengthened the pattern.

And for this version, I rotated the darts to the neckline and gathered the neckline. I glanced at Simplicity 4076 for reinforcement that I was doing the dart to neckline gathers correctly.

I think it came out smashing.