Burda 7219

I’ve made this before. This is the third version, on ‘tina, before the side seams are sewn. I realy like the neckline. I won’t be wearing it with the collar up, but I kinda like the look.
Birds 7219

This one came out well. I had problems on the previous one with the dart, but I believe that had to do with using a cotton with spandex in a pattern that was fitted for cotton w/o spandex. That is, I didn’t refit for the differing fabric type.

Not enough fabric
Back “yoke”

I have a fourth version in the works using a lovely printed pique. I did not have enough of the print to cut full fronts and backs, so at a friend’s suggestion, I made a “yoke” on the back. Right now, I’m deciding on what fabric to use for the front facing.

What to use for the facing?