Completed Project: Jalie Swimsuit

Jalie 971

It’s interesting how people have different concerns wrt swimsuits or bathing suits. Heck, I have different needs. One suit is not the best for all occasions for me. I separate suits into two different classes: swimsuits and bathing suits. Swimsuits are for horizontal motion, i.e. swimming, For swimming, I want a very tight, short almost to the point of being uncomfortable to sit in, high necked suit, and I really don’t care much what I look like in it. It needs to be tight and short so that it won’t catch air or water when I flip or do butterfly. I need the higher neckline so that my breasts don’t fall out when I do butterfly. I thought this suit might fit those needs.

First Try

Unfortunately, tissue fitting is not possible on a swimsuit. I believed the measurements and went with size BB, which corresponds to my full bust and hips, for the toile. I usually use the high bust, but since this has a Y back, I wasn’t concerned that it would fall off my shoulders. I’m used “dance” fabric for the toile. I made my Kwik Sew tank suit from the same fabric; it held up fine to the chlorine. This time, I ran out of the first color, a dark turquoise, and had to use lime green for the lining. It’s an interesting combination.

The instructions were poor. I used the instructions from the Kwik Sew swimwear book. I wouldn’t recommend making this suit if this is your first swimsuit and you don’t have a reference like the Kwik Sew book. However, I really like the style. This is a suit designed for swimming. I have great ease of movement when swimming. It’s TIGHT and short (i.e. I wouldn’t want to sit for long in it). I had to shorten the Kwik Sew swimsuit several inches in the crotch; I didn’t have to do this for this suit. The options for the leg holes suck: boylegs or very high cut. Neither choice is flattering on me. It would have been nice to have a leg option between the boylegs and hicut.

Second Try

The suit was good for swimming. I used it while I was working on the second version. It was skimpy over the boobs, and it was so high cut that it came up over my hips. I added an inch over the bust, took out an inch in the back, lowered the leg hole by 1 inch, and widened the hip by 1 inch.

I swam in this suit today (June 27, 2005), and it worked pretty well. I want to shorten the shoulder straps/back more, enlarge the back hole and probably lower it, and take out some of the extra width that I added at the hips.

Read my review at Pattern Review.

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