Neue Mode Dress (2nd Try)

neue mode M 23061 knit dress
Neue Mode Quick & Easy M23061

I’m not happy with it.

Neue Mode M23061
Finished Dress

Mostly, I just don’t think it’s flattering. It grabs my tummy and butt. I don’t mind it being clingy on my butt, but I really don’t want the roll of fat on my midsection emphasised. I am wearing minimizing underwear.

It doesn’t look that bad in the photo. It’s comfortable. If I make it again, I will shorten the skirt a tad. It’s heavy.

On the first one, that I made I had no problems sewing the skirt to the top. On this tho, the skirt’s waist was bigger than the bodice’s. I think this style might look better without the waist seam.

The v-neck is very deep. I wear a lacy camisole under it. I think a little patch of lace would work better. The funny part about this is that I didn’t think it was so deep on the first version. I think I did it when I was sewing. That is, I managed to sew this one deeper. It would be extremely easy to raise the neckline.

I did not put in the zipper. It doesn’t need one.

Neue Mode M23061
Fitting the bodice

I think it’s interesting the difference in the fit of the bodice with and without the skirt. It’s profound. Did I mention that the dress is heavy?

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