Crochet Cat

Finally a picture!

This is Hep Cat from Amigurumi!: Super Happy Crochet Cute. I highly recommend this book. Her instructions are very clear, and it makes the construction process easy.

I used a 3.5 mm (E) hook with Lily Sugar’n Cream Solid in dusty rose that I have had lying around since the 80’s and a poly microfiber from Joann’s. The S’nC was for the body and the poly was for the clothing. They eye patches are in pearl cotton. There’s a substantial difference between the weight of the S’nC and the poly, but since I’m not going to buy any more yarn until I work the stash down, I’m stuck with what I got.

I really love the toes on this fellow. I found out that I hate sewing with invisible thread. And I need to work on my embroidery skills.

Crochet Cat


I’m a big fan of Elisabeth Doherty. So, of course, when her book, Amigurumi!: Super Happy Crochet Cute, came out, I bought it.

And (can you believe it? :accomplished: ) I’m actually working on something from it. I’m making Hep Cat. Pulguito thinks that I am making it for him. The paws are from some old Sugar N Cream yarn (dusty rose color – that should tell you how old it is). The arms are from a poly microfiber yarn that I picked up at Joann’s; they don’t carry it anymore, so I can’t tell you what it is. I bought it to teach Chunguita how to do something, but the yarn didn’t have enough twist; her hook kept catching. It’s a lighter weight than the pattern calls for, but it seems to be working fine. I didn’t do any gauge adjustments. I think the arms came out fine.

Elisabeth’s directions in the book are fantastic. For example, she gives explicit locations on where to place things like eyes. She has a couple of techniques that are new to me, too, like the invisible decrease and the way she closes off the end of the arms and other pieces. I highly recommend the book.