needs, wants, gets

Silly meme with a vanity search element. Search Google for what you need, want, and get. Like this, I searched for “Jennifer needs” (including the quotes) and then “Jennifer wants” and finally “Jennifer gets”. Then you just post the sentences. Maybe it will make sense . . . maybe not. I’m posting the top 5 answers especially they are obscene. From Liza


  1. Jennifer needs a smack daddy.
    What’s a smack daddy?
  2. Jennifer Needs Help!
    Yes, I do. Please e-mail me to schedule a time for you to come over and clean my bathrooms.
  3. Jennifer needs your help!
    I think there’s a lot of redundancy on the ‘web.
  4. Jennifer needs to be prosecuted.
    What for? I haven’t done anything illegal … recently.
  5. I think Jennifer needs you!
    Yes, come scrub my toilets!
  6. Jennifer needs to thank American Idol for where she is today.
    Uh, … okay … thank you to American Idol (which I have never watched).


  1. Jennifer wants us to build a doghouse for Homer
    Actually, DH does NOT want to build another doghouse for the next dog.
  2. Jennifer wants to be adored and worshipped like the royalty she feels she is, and it is difficult for anyone to resist the warmth and attention she lavishes on those she cares about.
    Well, of course.
  3. The five people Jennifer wants to have dinner with: Dane Cook, Michael Jackson, Gandhi, John Lennon, and George Clooney.
    Who’s Dane Cook?
  4. Jennifer wants to prove Bobbie is innocent and went to a retired police officer for help on finding the real killer.
    My life should be so interesting.
  5. Jennifer wants to know: “Why are people often not very sympathetic towards people who have lost a pet? ”


  1. Jennifer gets the big nomination.
    Is that for a cash award?
  2. Jennifer Gets Revenge on Simon
    Simon deserved it.
  3. Jennifer gets a one-way cell phone call. It’s mostly static, but she swears she hears Jack’s voice!
    WTF!?! A one-way cell phone call? And why is my brother calling me on my cell phone. I don’t think he has that number.
  4. Jennifer gets so agitated and overwrought that she faints.
    What made me so overwrought? I have fainted.
  5. Jennifer gets picked on a lot by her looks in school. But, when Jennifer gets Bufo from a magic shop, things change.
    But do they change for the better?