Chunguita spent the weekend saying “My Birfday! My Birfday!” DH & I took
yesterday off to spend with her. We don’t get it off. She would also
grab boxes and envelopes and try to open them, saying My Birfday!

She did pretty good, containing her excitement all day. When she went
down for her nap (easily), I wrapped all her presents and put them on
the table in our front room. After nap, she came bounding out, saw the
presents, yelled, “My Birfday!”, and started to open them. She’s such
a good girl; she was able to wait when I told her that we’d open them
after dinner.

DH tested out his cake baking/decorating skills. We made white cake
cupcakes with sugar dots in it (like funfetti but from scratch), and DH
make the most delectable buttercream frosting from scratch. Chunguita
loves to pull up her stepladder and help while we do things at any

After dinner, we opened the presents from me and DH. Chunguita seemed to
like them all. She got more duplos, a puzzle, some books, and a
playhut airplane. She’s wild for airplanes. After that we partook of
cupcake. They were so good.

Because she was so wound up, we took the bedtime routine very slowly.
We let her ask to get out of the bath instead of telling her it was
time to get out. And then we took turns reading to her. She didn’t
calm down until almost 10 pm, and even then, it took me 30 minutes to
get her to sleep. Her usual bedtime is 8:30.

Today, we have a small party at daycare. Parents have been giving out
goody bags. I’m going to give out a beanie baby and a wedding bubble
to each kid. I have too many beanie babies (a girlfriend and I got
sucked into the beanie baby madness, but it was fun). I hope that
isn’t too big a thing for the goodybag, but I’d rather give out
something I have than spend more money to get goodybag junk.

And on Saturday, Chunguita is going to have a party with family and family
friends. We debated having a 2 year old party, but I get to see these
people so infrequently, we decided to use her birthday for a

Celebrate those December and January Birthdays

For as long as I can remember, I have had my birthday parties in December. My birthday is December 20th. I don’t know what my parents did before I can remember, but when I was little, I would have friends over for a traditional birthday party. When I got older, like junior high, I would invite a few friends to go to see The Nutcracker. Now a days, my mother takes us (Mom & Dad, moi, DH, DD, Brother, Nephew, Sister, Nephew-mayber, Grandnephew) all out to dinner. She does that for all my siblings’ birthdays that live in the SF bay area.

The thing of it is that now it’s a tradition. Certainly, when I was 5 and the local siblings were 15 and 16, they didn’t participate in my birthday party, but now at 37, 47, and 48, we all look forward to it.