Color Me Positive 2016 Week 2

I wasn’t going to do anything for Week 2 until noticed this angel on an Xmas card. It seem appropriate for the quote.

Color Me Positive 2016 Week 2

I googled and found “figure carrying a large sack” to help me draw a figure carrying a large sack.

I don’t know if I’m going to do any more on this topic/quote. Maybe I’ll tape down those two images and call it quits. I didn’t find/make time for this this week, perhaps because I just didn’t see the quote “She took the leap and built her wings on the way down.” as being about bravery (like everyone else seem to see it.) How could she build her wings if she wasn’t bringing her supplies with her? How did she know how to build her wings? Preparation! That’s how.

Color Me Positive 2016 Week 2
“She took the leap and built her wings on the way down.” sketch. To me, this quote is about being prepared as well as being brave/taking a leap. Maybe because I’m an engineer, all I could think of was what did she build the wings from? Where did she get the stuff to build her wings?

My vision is of her carrying her supplies with her as she takes her leap.

Sure, taking a chance, being brave, that can lead to wonderful things, but preparation makes success much more likely.

Art Journal Page

#artjournal page in process
I started my art journal page with a collage of ephemera from the holiday season of 2015. The inspiration for this page was the Color Me Positive prompt “gratitude”. I very much enjoy the holiday season. Not only is it a time when I get time off of work (grateful for work holiday), I take extra time (grateful for work vacation … generally, grateful for work situation), I am able to spend time with family (grateful that my mother is still alive, grateful for the time that I had with relatives that are no longer alive, grateful for time with my siblings which I don’t see much during the year, grateful for the time with my husband, kids, and dogs), I am able to indulge myself and my family (grateful to be able to do this), and I have lots of good memories of holidays past. The background reflects those thing.

Progress #artjournal
I chose to paint over the background with red and white acrylic paint. I’m not sure what I was expecting, but I got PINK. I didn’t want pink, so I went over it with red again. It was still pink. I added some blue. It’s okay, not my favorite, but enough fussing. It was time to move on.

Progress #artjournal
My mother-in-law, Florence, was the most grateful person that I have ever known. She spent her last days in a skilled nursing facility, which is never fabulous, but she was always grateful and appreciative of what she had. I know that made the people around her react to her in a more positive manner than they reacted to my father, who was despairing, and my grandmother, who was pissed off. I hope that I am able to meet end of life with the grace that Florence had. I painted a watercolor of what I imagine Florence looking like as a young woman.

Art Journal Page
I added a copy of my favorite picture of my mother-in-law to the right hand side of my spread. She’s holding my son, and his expression says, “I love you, Granny” to me. In the watercolor of her, she is holding my son. I don’t care that that violates the actual timeline.

Florence & Tony

A closeup of the watercolor.