Big Doggie

My brother gave Chunguita a stuffed animal dog that’s bigger than she is for Christmas. Chunguita likes to lie on it and carry it around. She grabs it around the middle just under the front legs and drags it. It’s so cute cause it’s bigger than she is.

This morning, she wanted to open the side lights on the door to look at and listen to the birds. Then she went and got the dog, carried him to the window, oriented his head to look out, and said, “Look. Birds!”


“Fly away”

CTTS: bed & bath

Almost every night I take a bath after I put Chunguita to bed. It helps me to relax and get to sleep.

Chunguita was reading Good Night Moon with DH. There’s an “old lady whispering hush” helping the bunny go to sleep. On the last page of the book, the “old lady whispering hush” has left the room. Chunguita told DH that she went to take a bath.