Duct Tape Doubles

Jen01It was so easy. Sure, it took us about 2 hours per person, including checking the instructions and a lunch break, but it was really, really easy. I highly recommend it. You can even see my belly button! We used dry cleaners bags, instead of t-shirts, and we added a grocery store veggie bag to get neck detail.

Last night I hung my DTD on the dress form. I bought an old dress form that goes up to my size, but I never could get it adjusted correctly, and the boobs were too small. After hanging the DTD and puffing it out, I considered naming her Boobzilla, but my butt is really big! I decided that Buttina was a better name for her.

I taped some plastic across the bottom and started stuffing it with some polyester fiberfill between the DTD and the dressform. It seems I stuffed Buttina too full; she exploded during the night.


Duct Tape Doubles

Jo and I made our duct tape doubles in about 2 hours including lunch. It was very easy. We used dry cleaners bags instead of t-shirts, and we used a grocery
store vegetable bag around our necks.

I hung my DTD on my dress form and stuffed it with polyester fiberfill.
The first time I stuffed it, I started from the bottom. I managed to over stuff it, and it exploded. It was easier to stuff it from the top down. The polyester fiberfill doesn’t easily slip out, so you can don’t have to worry about holding it up while you are stuffing it.

The above images are pictures of me.

I wrote a review of the process at PatternReview: Notion review for DTD

They don’t look like much unstuffed.

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