A little sewing, a little shopping

burda world of fashion 2003 4 April kidsI traced the pattern for Burda WOF 4/2003 157 – Girl’s Dress (157 in the image to the left) last night. DD has been gaa-gaa over the dress since she saw it in the magazine. It’s funny. She’s a jeans and t-shirt girl, and this is a really frilly dress. But what’s a mom to do?

I reviewed the gift bag and the baby pants.

I went shopping at Joann’s. I can’t put away the fabric that I have, so I promised myself that I wouldn’t buy anymore until it was all away. So what do I do? I go into Joann’s this morning to buy some patterns, and I find a “Mexican” stripe fabric that I have to have.

Then I walk over to the quilting cottons. For some reason, they put a couple of mud-cloth knock-offs over there. I’ve been eyeing one for several months, but it’s $12.99/yard. Seems a bit expensive for printed burlap. It was gone! Like I need more fabric? Like I was going to go home and sew it right away? No & no. But I was so upset. So I go back to the clearance fabrics, and they have a rayon-cotton-lycra knit. You know I had to buy that. There was only a yard. I hope there’s enough left after prewash to make a t-shirt. It feels really nice. Then because I’m feeling sorry for myself because the faux-mud-cloth is gone, I pick out a funky sweaterknit that I’ve been eyeing for a while.

On the way back to the cutting table, I see the faux-mud-cloth on the lower shelf. There’s another woman right there, and she turns to talk to me when I exclaim, “THERE YOU ARE!” We examine the fabric together, and I lament the high price, but I have a coupon. “No”, she says, “You have to come back on Sunday to use your coupon.” What? I look at my coupon, and she’s right.

Those @#$%#&!@ at Joann’s. Their marketing scheme is working. I have to make 2 trips to get the sale patterns and to use my coupon.