Fortunately, I am more upset by this than Chunguita.

The method of gradually cutting back worked well for us. We went from 5-8 sessions/day to 4 sessions (after daycare, bedtime, early morning, naptime) to 2 (dropped nap & after daycare) to 1 (bedtime only) to none. All in just 4 weeks.

Chunguita protested the loss of the early morning session the most (yelling, hitting, and kicking), but she took to loss of the bedtime session very well. I’d been telling her that we were going to stop nursing, and on Thursday, I started telling her that tomorrow was the last session. I don’t know if she understands the day names or not, so
I didn’t tell her that Friday was the last day. I did tell DH, and she was there. So if she knows the day names, she knew when it was coming. Saturday and Sunday nights she asked to nurse several times, but there was no yelling, hitting, or kicking when I said no more nursing.

I’m still sad about it. I really liked lying in bed with her and nursing. We still lie in bed and cuddle, but it’s not the same.

We play this game were I call her my stinker pooh, and she says she’s a stinky poo. But on Saturday, she started saying, she isn’t a stinker pooh, she is my baby. I respond with, “You’ll always be my baby.” I don’t know if that is related to the weaning or not, but the timing is especially poignant.


We’re struggling with the weaning. I didn’t wanted to go cold turkey because of engorgement, and I was hoping Chunguita would be able to let go of nursing sessions.

We did great when we went from 5/day to 2/day. On Saturday, I cut out the early AM session. Chunguita is not happy about it. I still let her come and get into bed with me, but say no to any nursing requests. She tries to lift up my shirt and sleep bra to nurse.

I’m not sure if I’m going to cut out the last session next Saturday or not. We’re going camping in Yosemite Sunday to Tuesday. In
consideration of the other campers, I think I’ll wait a week to cut out the bedtime session.

I wish I could explain this to Chunguita and talk it over with her. I think she wants us to have a baby. She talks about babies all the time and tells me how much she likes them. They go to visit the babies from the toddler room at daycare. She asked if we could have one at home.

elevated FSH -> not get pregnant

I talked to the fertility specialist this morning, and she was more positive about cutting out the breastfeeding having a big effect than she was last night. She said if I quit nursing, she’ll test me again. She wouldn’t say that it would improve my chances, because I am over 35, but she was more positive.

She didn’t know about the ibuprofen. She said that she’s seen several cases of elevated FSH for women who were taking large doses of ibuprofen, but the literature doesn’t have anything on it. Apparently the mechanism that I had read about isn’t related to FSH.

So it looks like I’m going to have to wean Chunguita.

That makes me sad, too.

Oh, and BH is going to have his operation.

Sleeping (not)


I’m not sure if this is progress. Last night, Chunguita only woke up once, but it took me 2 hours to get her to go back to sleep.

DH & and I are switching nights, so tonight is his turn. That is a step in the right direction. The first few times DH took care of Chunguita, she was inconsolable. It was very hard for me not to go running in there when she called, “MOMMY!”

Also, there will be no more nursing at night, and naps are limited to 2 hours during the day.

Send us your sleep vibes.


Chunguita won’t let anyone else sit in the nursing chair. She gets very upset when DH sits there and is very demanding of the babysitter to move.

I’m working on limiting the nursing. I am finding it irritating, and it is most irritating when she wants to nurse for 1 suck and then
demands to nurse for 1 suck every 15 minutes. When she does that I tell her, no more nursing until nap/after dinner/bedtime/etc. But it is tough to hold to that sometimes.

I would really like to be tough enough to limit the nursing to first thing in the morning and bedtime. Maybe next month.


I don’t think it works when you have a major struggle over cutting back on the nursing. It hurts the kid, and it hurts the parent.

I talked to a lactation consultant about this, too. I’d love to nurse Chunguita for 2-3 more years, but I don’t want to be nursing her every hour for the next 2-3 years. The consultant indicated that after 2 years of age, you can actually talk to the kid about limiting the nursing and that until then, you are stuck with temper tantrums if that kid really wants to nurse.

I figured I’d try this with Chunguita. She is just starting to understand “later” or “we’ll nurse after we …” It’s hit or miss, but over the last month, the hit ratio has gone up. Granted, a lot of that depends on how tired Chunguita is.

Another thing that is making this easier for us is that Chunguita no longer requires that *I* comfort her when she has an owie (WAH!!!). The other day, she took a fall, DH got to her first, and she didn’t want to come to me (WAH!!!). So that tie is slowly breaking. WAH!!!


She did it again!!!! I’m feeling quite revived. I hope it continues. I usually wake up once during the night, anyway, so it isn’t a big deal. I’m not sure how I’m going to transition her to not nursing when she wakes up, but I will worry about that tomorrow. I’m just glad I’m getting my sleep.

DH has been disgusted by hard it has been wrt Chunguita’s sleeping. My mother finally admitted to him (and me) that she used to drug me with bendryl almost every night to get me to go to sleep. DH was sure it was because Chunguita is still nursing. I think it has more to do with the fact that I’m a poor sleeper who has a lot of trouble going to sleep; Chunguita has inheritted that. DH has no trouble going to sleep; perhaps the next child will be like him.