Halloween Party

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The Halloween Party was a huge success. We had, at least, 32 kids plus parents at our house. It was a very noisy, very exciting, very fun time. I was too busy to take pictures during the party. DH asked Kathy to take some while we were beating the piñata up. Buzz Lightyear liked his costume very much, and he ran around yelling, “Bud Light Beer!”

My piñata did much better than the store bought ones. Mine held up to 20 or so whacks. The store bought ones broke after 4, at the most.


Halloween Party

Test piñata
Final piñata

The test piñata came out pretty cute. It’s very hard and sturdy. DH is concerned that it will be too strong for the kids to break open. It is three layers (at least, the kids were helping me) of paper mache. So I made the second one with only 2 layers of paper mache.


The first one is based on a 12 inch (30 cm) balloon. The second is based on a 16 inch (41 cm) punch ball; it’s rounder and bigger. I’m really concerned that it isn’t strong enough. I had to reinforce the top with duct tape. The ribbon is plenty strong to hold it, but the ribbon cut right thru the paper mache with the piñata half filled. Pulguito and Chunguita are dying to whack them both.


Chunguita requested that we repeat the calavera game from last year, so we are going to repeat it. It’s the “gift from mummy”, and this is a ridiculously easy game to do. The kids love it, too.

The house is all decorated, but I’ve only got one picture to show you. The kids and I made jack-o-lanterns by sticking foamy shapes on pumpkins and gourds. The foamy shapes are from Oriental Trading Company. I recommend them. They were easy for Pulguito (age 4) to do, yet challenging enough that Chunguita (age 7) was interested.

Current Projects

So what am I working on?

  • Pants from Burda Plus Spring 2007, pattern #402 – Julia’s version

    The pattern has been fit (I hope). I added an inch to center back, and that was it. I hope it’s enough, and I hope that I wasn’t overly optimistic when I decided to not lower center front.

  • Halloween Party Invitations
    They are almost done. I want to have them done for Wednesday, so that I can send them home with Chunguita’s classmates.
  • Piñata for Halloween Party – papier mache and small children = BAD idea
    The balloon is covered with papier mache. I plan on painting it Friday. DH bought some pumpkin head pinatas. Doesn’t he have faith in me? Wrong question. How about: Does he want me to be sane and in control for the party?
  • Sandra Betzina Purse
    It’s cut. I interfaced 3 of the 4 straps.
  • Cheongsam T-shirt in fuschia
    It’s waiting for snaps.
  • Art Journal – on-going. Pix soon.
  • The Garden – I’m cleaning up the backyard.