Chorography (from χῶρος khōros, “place” and γράφειν graphein, “to write”) is the art of describing or mapping a region or district, and by extension such a description or map. This term derives from the writings of the ancient geographer Pomponius Mela and Ptolemy, where it meant the geographical description of regions. However, its resonances of meaning have varied at different times. Richard Helgerson states that “chorography defines itself by opposition to chronicle. It is the genre devoted to place, and chronicle is the genre devoted to time”. Darrell Rohl prefers a broad definition of “the representation of space or place”. [Wikipedia]

I’m taking a class at Sketchbook Skool: Let’s Make a Map.  The class is taught by Nate Padavick.  He draws way cool maps.

Our first assignment was to draw a compass rose, so here’s mine.

Compass Rose

Places that I was thinking of doing a map of:

  • My Garden
  • The town I grew up in: Piedmont/Oakland
  • The town I live in

but then I saw this image at one of Nate’s sites.  Maybe I’ll do a map of the spaces of Jen & Rob.