Sewing Travails

Twist Top Dress

So I decided to cut out another twist top dress. I wore this one yesterday, and Wowza! everyone (well, like 5 people) exclaimed on how great the dress is. Happy Dance!

I have a lovely navy knit with white roses on it. Lori gave it to me at a BABES.

I’m happily cutting away. I’ve got the back pieces and centerfront cut. I lay out the last of the navy knit and place the sidefronts on it. I decide to check to see how the front top piece will fit, and it won’t!

So what do I do? I stop. I put down the pattern pieces and my rotary cutter, and I leave the room.

I come back after I’ve calmed down. What to do? Hey, how about I follow the recommendations in the pattern instructions and cut the front top pieces out in a single layer? I’d like you to know that I had read the pattern instructions. Just because I rarely follow them anymore doesn’t mean that I don’t look at them.

So the side fronts and one top front piece are cut. I still have to cut the other front top, the sleeves, and the godets. I will probably have to piece fabric for the sleeves or the godets or both. We shall see.