Finished: Butterick B4986

Butterick B4986
Finished, with a RTW shell

Last week, I showed you my progress on Butterick B4986. The pattern is long out of print.

Pattern Company: Butterick
Pattern Number: B4986

Pattern Description:
Woven twist top; the back is on the bias.

Pattern Sizing:
Butterick sizes 16-22.

I made a size 20 out of the package for the test garment; it fit me fine. No FBA!

The instructions are standard Butterick. I didn’t have any trouble following the.

Fabric Used:
I used a very drapy rayon paisley that a sewing friend gave me.

I decided not to do an FBA out of laziness. I figured that it doesn’t have to button up or otherwise close over my bosom, so the FBA was less important.

I added to the center back over my butt which sticks out. I usually have to increase the sleeves, but this one has plenty of ease for me.

I really like this pattern. It’s easy. There is no interfacing or closures to worry about.

I highly recommend the pattern.

Twist Top Dress Finished … almost

Nylon Knit
Nylon knit from Lori

I still have to trim off the serger tails from the narrow/rolled hem on the sleeves and bottom hem. No pix.

Lori gave me this fabric at a BABES meeting. It’s nylon with 4% lycra. It’s heavy in the aggregate. That is, it doesn’t seem heavy until you are holding a length of. I suppose it pulls the dress down, but since I want an ankle length dress and I’m tall, that seems to work fine on me. If you just pick up a swatch, the knit is almost sheer.

I’m a little concerned that I got a boob bulls-eye with the roses, but I haven’t tried the dress on me or ‘Tina. Oh, who cares, I will love it. How many of these can I make before people start to notice I’m making the same dress over and over?

Sewing Travails

Twist Top Dress

So I decided to cut out another twist top dress. I wore this one yesterday, and Wowza! everyone (well, like 5 people) exclaimed on how great the dress is. Happy Dance!

I have a lovely navy knit with white roses on it. Lori gave it to me at a BABES.

I’m happily cutting away. I’ve got the back pieces and centerfront cut. I lay out the last of the navy knit and place the sidefronts on it. I decide to check to see how the front top piece will fit, and it won’t!

So what do I do? I stop. I put down the pattern pieces and my rotary cutter, and I leave the room.

I come back after I’ve calmed down. What to do? Hey, how about I follow the recommendations in the pattern instructions and cut the front top pieces out in a single layer? I’d like you to know that I had read the pattern instructions. Just because I rarely follow them anymore doesn’t mean that I don’t look at them.

So the side fronts and one top front piece are cut. I still have to cut the other front top, the sleeves, and the godets. I will probably have to piece fabric for the sleeves or the godets or both. We shall see.

Burda twist top dress

The fabric for my twist top dress.
Last of the cutting
Last of the cutting

My twist top dress progresses well. I chose a polyester knit. It’s pretty lightweight, but it has body. It feeds thru the serger very nicely. It isn’t easy to cut. 😦 The knit is floppy and stretchy, so I decided to cut the dress out in a single layer. It takes much longer, but with the linearity of the print, I had to get it grain on.

Burda Plus Twist Top DressI decided to to have a centerback seam, so that I’d have sufficient room for my butt. That meant that the only piece that I needed to cut on the fold was the center front.

I did make alterations. I used the top pieces from my twisttop t-shirt, and I started with a 46 for the fronts and backs. I added to the sides at the hips and in centerback for my butt.

Instead of sewing the princess seams then inserting the godets, I prefer to sew the godets to the center piece, then sew the princess seams.

So my dress is almost complete. I’ve got the front fully assembled, and I’m sewing the princess seams on the back. Hopefully, I have a new dress, soon.